List of Updated Quezon City ZIP Codes and Area Codes for 2023

If you’re planning to send a parcel to Quezon City but don’t know the ZIP code, you can use our list of Quezon City ZIP codes and postal codes to avoid any issues with your mail or parcel. Be sure to double-check the Quezon City ZIP code before writing it on the address label.

Our list of Quezon City ZIP codes is courtesy of the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) and has been edited for accuracy and relevance. If you notice any errors or discrepancies in our compilation of Quezon City ZIP codes and postal codes, please let us know and we will address them.

Quezon City ZIP Code and Area Code List

These are the Quezon City ZIP codes and area codes for your reference. You can sort the table in alphabetical or numerical order by clicking the first row. To search for a Quezon City ZIP code or location, enter the search term in the Search field above the table.

About Quezon City

Named after the second President of the Philippines, Manuel Luis Quezon, Quezon City served as the capital city of the Philippines before it was changed to Manila.
The biggest and most populous city in Metro Manila, Quezon City is known for its diverse cultural scene as well as some of the country’s biggest educational institutions, government offices, and commercial centers.
Notable landmarks and attractions include the Quezon Memorial Circle, a national park that houses the mausoleum of President Quezon, and the renowned Araneta Coliseum, the stadium where Thrilla in Manila was held.

For shoppers and food enthusiasts, Quezon City has numerous malls and restaurants offering a wide array of choices. One popular shopping destination is SM North EDSA, which is the second largest mall in the Philippines after SM Mall of Asia.
Quezon City boasts several prestigious universities and colleges, including the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman and Ateneo de Manila University. These institutions attract students not only from within the city but also from other parts of the country.

Quezon City Quick Facts

  • Type: Highly Urbanized City
  • Region: National Capital Region (NCR)
  • Population: 2,960,048 (2020 census)
  • Density: 17,239/sq km (44,646/sq mi)
  • Land Area: 171.71 sq km (66.30 sq mi)
  • Coordinates: 14° 39′ N, 121° 3′ E (14.6509, 121.0486)
  • Cityhood: October 12, 1939
  • Number of Barangays: 142
  • Website:
  • Mayor: Joy Belmonte

Quezon City Weather Forecast

Do you want to know what the weather would be like in Quezon City in the upcoming days? Check out the weather forecast for Quezon City for today and the next 5 days.

How to Use the Quezon City ZIP Code

It’s advisable to use the proper format of your mailing address as well as the correct placement of the ZIP code. PHLPost recommends writing the ZIP code on the left side of the address, immediately before the province and below the barangay/district and city/municipality.

The correct address format is as follows:
Name of Sender or Recipient
Unit Number, House/Building Name, Street Name
Subdivision, Barangay/District, City/Municipality
ZIP Code + Metro Manila

For example, you can write the following:
Juan dela Cruz
#8 Mabuhay Apartment, Jaguar St.
Fairview, Quezon City
1118 Metro Manila

If sending domestic mail (within the Philippines only), you may omit “Philippines” from the address. Unit number, house/building name, and subdivision are all optional.

How to Use the Quezon City Area Code

The telephone area code for Quezon City is 2. Use the Quezon City area code when calling a residence or office in Quezon City.

Here’s a quick guide on how to call a landline number with a Quezon City area code:

  • From cellphone: Dial 2 + 8-digit number (e.g. 2-8917-9648)
  • From provincial landline phone: Dial 02 + 8-digit number (e.g. 02-8917-9648)
  • From Metro Manila landline phone: Dial the 8-digit number directly (e.g. 8917-9648)
  • From overseas phone: Dial +63 + 2 + 8-digit number (e.g. +632-8917-9648)

Need Assistance?

Using the correct Quezon City ZIP code ensures that all your communication and correspondence will reach the recipient as expected. If you have any questions or concerns about Quezon ZIP codes and postal codes, you may call PHLPost at (02) 8288-7678 or email [email protected].